Practicum Fieldwork

We link trainees with practicum opportunities and provide support for them to carry out fieldwork focused on eating disorders prevention. STRIPED is sponsoring the following practica for HSPH students for the 2014-15 academic year:

Multiservice Eating Disorders Association Practicum in Health Communications or Program Evaluation

The Multiservice Eating Disorders Association (MEDA), Massachusetts’ premier community-based nonprofit dedicated to advocacy and the prevention and treatment of eating disorders and the spectrum of disordered weight-control behaviors, will provide practicum opportunities in health communications or program evaluation.  The specific practicum project will be determined by the HSPH student and MEDA staff.  Student-initiated project ideas welcome. To find out more and to apply, contact Bryn Austin, ScD ( Accepting applications now!

New Policy Translation Practicum on Harmful Weight Loss and Muscle Building Products

Through STRIPED’s new practicum opportunity for the 2014-15 academic year, HSPH students are developing a strategic plan to motivate voluntary corporate actions to address the sale of harmful products marketed for weight loss and muscle building in pharmacies and supermarkets. The widespread abuse of these products for weight control and muscle building by youth and adults and the dangers and deceptive advertising of loosely regulated dietary supplements are well-documented in the public health literature, yet pharmacies and supermarkets sell these products without restriction. The practicum involves key informant interviews with business, public health, and community stakeholders and site visits to stores to survey shelf placement and relevant inventory. These students will be developing interview guides and an in-store observation survey instrument as well as conducting background research on possible harm posed by certain products sold for weight loss and muscle building and on strategies used by other similar public health initiatives addressing sale of harmful products.