Debra Franko, PhD


Dr. Franko is a professor in the Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology at Northeastern University in Boston, MA. She is also the Associate Director at the Harris Center for Education and Advocacy in Eating Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Franko’s interests are in the general area of women’s health, specifically in eating disorders. She is particularly interested in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders in diverse racial and ethnic groups. Dr. Franko’s work in the prevention of eating disorders includes both theoretical and practical approaches to prevention. Most recently she has developed innovative applications of multimedia technology to programs for college women and adolescents to improve nutrition and physical activity and reduce problems with body image. Her clinical interests in eating disorders span depression, suicide, and substance abuse, and she has particular expertise in issues related to pregnancy and eating disorders. Dr. Franko currently serves on the board of directors of the Academy for Eating Disorders and on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Eating Disorders and Body Image.