HealthRoots Student Organization at HSPH

HealthRoots Student Organization at HSPH is a collaboration to provide a forum for student engagement with public health from radical and heterodox perspectives.

Members of HealthRoots critically examine explanations of population health patterns and search for root causes. We are interested in how social structures, relations of production, and distributions of power (including racial, gender, sexual, and economic) in society influence, produce, and reproduce population health.

We strive to foster critical analysis of these determinants, acknowledging that nothing is a-theoretical, nothing is a-historical, and nothing is a-political. We also seek to develop critical perspectives on public health as a discipline, profession, and project, on the institutions in our lives, and on ourselves – on our privileges and prejudices, and how we think, see, act, and be in this world.

Moreover, as students of public health, we recognize that the production and use of knowledge is necessarily political and value-laden, and continue to ask for what visions of society knowledge is being produced. Finally, we seek to motivate discussion on how to affect the root causes of population health, and what sort of society would be optimal for public health.

2013-14 Contacts: Zachary Gerson-Nieder, Eric Dunipace