Who to Contact

Topic Contact Phone Number E-mail Address
Tuition, registration fee, academic records fee charges Registrar 617-432-1032 registrar@hsph.harvard.edu
Refunds, anticipated aid/scholarships, loans, sponsored billing Financial Aid 617-432-1867 osfs@hsph.harvard.edu
Health insurance charges, UHS missed appointment fees Harvard University Health Services 617-495-2008 mservices@huhs.harvard.edu
Rent charges Harvard Real Estate Services (HRES) 617-495-1612 HRES_AR@harvard.edu
Course material fees Curriculum Center 617-432-7978 abodznick@hsph.harvard.edu
Setting up a payment plan Student Accounts Office 617-495-2739 student_billing@harvard.edu
Library charges the library that put the charges on your account


Libraries Cabot (617) 495-5355
Countway (617) 432-4536
Gutman (617) 495-3423
Hilles (617) 495-8728
Lamont (617) 495-2452
Littauer (617) 496-3495
Widener (617) 496-3015