Anticipated Academic Coursework

Anticipated Academic Coursework is a preliminary plan in which students list the formal course work they intend to take to support their DrPH degree. This plan must be submitted to the CAD no later than the middle of the second academic year (December). It is in the best interest of the student to submit anticipated coursework as early as possible.


Each course listed in the Anticipated Academic Coursework must be a formal, non-independent study, non-tutorial, non-research course, taken for ordinal (e.g., A-, B-, etc.,) credit. A grade of B- or better must be obtained in all the courses proposed. Each course must be taken for graduate credit. This is of special note if a student is cross-registering into another school.

While the Harvard Chan School does not accept transfer credit from any other institution, the CAD will consider course work taken for previous Master’s or Doctoral programs to be applied towards the Anticipated Academic Coursework. Students proposing to include graduate-level courses outside Harvard University in the Anticipated Academic Coursework must submit a course description and/or syllabus from the course along with the Anticipated Academic Coursework. In addition, students must include a general petition outlining their request. Students must also submit an official transcript indicating the successful completion and the grade of the course(s) taken elsewhere.

Procedure for Submitting Anticipated Academic Coursework*

1) Obtain the Anticipated Academic Coursework form.
2) List all formal courses proposed.
3) Obtain the required signatures from the advisor and DrPH Director.
4) Return the form to the Registrar’s Office for submission to the CAD*.

*The Anticipated Academic Coursework form MUST be submitted in ink.