Communication with Students

The Student Services offices communicate with students via student mailboxes and the Registrar’s Office bulletin board, both of which are located on the ground level of the Kresge Building.  The primary mode of communication however, is via e-mail. E-mail messages are automatically sent to your HSPH e-mail address. Students who wish to receive e-mail messages at a separate e-mail address can arrange to have their e-mail messages forwarded to the separate e-mail address. Please go to the HSPH Microlab (Kresge lower level) to make arrangements. Students should regularly check their mailboxes and e-mail accounts for important notices about policy updates, CAD notifications, as well as information regarding registration, commencement, and deadlines. Announcements and events will also be posted to the student portal. Students should also check the HSPH Registrar’s Office bulletin board for deadline and timeline information.

Failure to check your student e-mail account and/or mailbox will not be accepted as a valid excuse for missing a deadline or for failing to comply with a requirement.