Suzanne Dahlberg

Research Scientist

Department of Biostatistics

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
CLSB 11158, 44 Binney Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02115
Phone: 617.632.5580

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Center for Life Science Building
Boston, MA
phone: 617-632-5580


Ph.D. Harvard University, 2005
B.S. Tufts University, 2000


Suzanne Dahlberg (Szwarc) is a Research Scientist in the Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Her primary focus is collaboration with clinical and laboratory investigators on the design, monitoring and analysis of their studies as the primary statistician for the Thoracic Committee of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group and for the Thoracic Oncology Program and Lung SPORE at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. She also provides statistical support for the Gynecologic Oncology Program. As part of the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Consortium (2006-2011), she served as the primary statistician for the adult ALL trials and their corresponding correlative studies.

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