Health Policy Study Group 2008-2009

Meeting Weekly 12:30-1:30pm

HSPH, Building 1, 12th Floor, Takemi Fellow’s Office, Room 1210A


Nov. 10 (Mon)  Miwako Hosoda,  “Overview of Japanese Health Care System”

Nov. 17 (Mon)  Young Joo Song,  “The Korea Health and Welfare service: Public Health Policy, National Health Insurance System, Food Safety Policy”

Dec. 1(Mon)  Wipada Kunaviktikul,  “The Health System in Thailand”

Dec. 12 (Fri)  Jing Wu (Presenting), “Chinese Health Care System”,  Yanping Li (Commenting)

Dec. 15(Mon)  Ramin Mehrdad,  “Health Care System in Iran”

Jan. 12(Mon)   Juhwan Oh, “Korean Health Care System”

Feb. 3 (Tue)  Richard Wamai, ” The Healthcare  system in Kenya”

Feb. 9 (Mon)  Asami Sasaki,  “Mother and Child Healthcare in Japan”

Feb. 23 (Mon)  Mieko Hamamoto, “Japan Medical Association”

Mar. 9 (Mon)  Elaine Thume,  “Brazilian Healthcare System”

April 29

Harvard School of Public Health Postdoctoral Fellows Poster and Exhibit Day 

poster_0809 (20094_020.jpg)

2008-2009 Takemi Fellows: Asami Sasaki, Wipada Kunaviktikul, Ramin Mehrdad, Miwako Hosoda, Juhwan Oh, Mieko Hamamoto, Elaine Thume, Young Joo Song (missing from photo: Michael Goroff, Jing Wu, Yanping Li)

Poster_frenk (20094_025.jpg)

Wipada Kunaviktikul, Miwako Hosoda, Dean Julio Frenk, Ramin Mehrdad

poster_kawachi (20094_026.jpg)        poster_ramin_wipada (20094_024.jpg)
Miwako Hosoda with Professor Ichiro Kawachi and Ramin Mehrdad with Wipada Kunaviktikul