Health Policy Study Group 2009-2010

Meeting Weekly 12:30-1:30pm

HSPH, Building 1, 12th Floor, Takemi Fellow’s Office, Room 1210A


Nov. 9  (Mon)  Elaine Thume,  Brazil

Nov. 23 (Mon)  Miwako Hosoda (Presenter),  Takeshi Yoda (Commenter),  Japan 

Nov. 30 (Mon)  Juhwan Oh, Korea


Dec. 7  (Mon)  Cancelled

Dec. 14 (Mon)  Roni Factor, Israel


Jan. 11 (Mon)   Jesse Bump, US

Jan. 18 (Mon) Jingdong Ma, China *PLEASE NOTE: Time changed for this session: 1:30-2:30pm

Mar. 24 (Wed)  Richard Wamai, Kenya

Mar. 29 (Mon)  Kayako Sakisaka, Japan


Apr. 5 (Mon)  Anais Tanon, Cote D’Ivoire


Apr. 15 (Thurs) HSPH Poster and Exhibit Day (see below)

Apr. 19 (Mon) Malgorzata Nabialczyk-Chalupowski, Poland


Apr. 26 (Mon) Minah Kang Kim, Quality of Korean Healthcare

Additional sessions to be announced.

Congratulations to 2009-2010 Takemi Fellows Roni Factor and Kayako Sakisaka whose posters were selected by HSPH Faculty Council and the Poster and Exhibit Day judges as the two prize winners in the Postdoctoral category of the 2010 Poster and Exhibit Day competition:

Postdoc winners ($500 prizes):
Roni Factor, Joseph N. Prashker, and David Mahalel: The Flashing Green Light Paradox


Kayako Sakisaka, and Masamine Jimba: Why Japan cannot prevent daily 90 suicide deaths? Findings from national data and verbal autospy study on suicide affected family 2008-2010

 Poster 2010 2

Roni Factor (Prize winner), Kayako Sakisaka (Prize winner), and Miwako Hosoda (Takemi Program Health Policy Study Group Coordinator)