About Us

Harvard’s Transdisciplinary Research Center on Energetics and Cancer (TREC) is comprised of four research projects and four core areas. Each research project focuses on different risk factors and/or disease pathways for obesity and cancer. Each core provides unique expertise and support to investigators whose research is in the area of obesity, energy expenditure, or cancer. In addition to providing statistical expertise and laboratory resources, the intent of the cores is to provide the opportunity for scientists to share their research interests and activities, to learn new methods in this area of research and, in turn, to attract other established or new investigators to the area of obesity and cancer research. The Center will provide annual funding for pilot and feasibility studies which are intended to support initial research efforts. Pilot studies can often be used to justify further external funding. Educational enrichment activities coordinated by the Center will include monthly seminars, mini-symposia, and travel assistance for junior investigators. Through these various avenues the Center hopes to create a collaborative research community in the field of obesity and cancer prevention.

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