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Perinatal Epidemiology

VanderWeele, T.J. (2014). Resolutions of the birthweight paradox: competing explanations and analytic insights. International Journal of Epidemiology, 43:1368-1373.

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Sociology and Social Epidemiology

VanderWeele, T.J. and Robinson, W. (2014). On the causal interpretation of race in regressions adjusting for confounding and mediating variables. Epidemiology, 25:473-484.

VanderWeele, T.J. and Robinson, W.R. (2014). How to reduce racial disparities? Upon what to intervene? Epidemiology, 25:491-493.

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Religion and Health

Zollfrank, A.A., Trevino, K.M., Cadge, W., Balboni, M.J., Thiel, M.M., Fitchett, G., Gallivan, K., VanderWeele, T.J., and Balboni, T.A. Teaching healthcare providers to provide spiritual care: a pilot study. Journal of Palliative Medicine, in press.

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Balboni, M.J., Sullivan, A., Enzinger, A.C., Epstein-Petersen, Z., Tseng, Y., Mitchell, C., Niska, B.A., Zollfrank, A., VanderWeele, T.J., and Balboni, T. (2014). Nurse and physician barriers to spiritual care provision at the end of life. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 48:400-410.

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Balboni, T.A., Balboni, M.J., Phelps, A.C., Wright, A.A., Peteet, J.R., Block, S.D., Lathan, C. VanderWeele, T.J., and Prigerson, H.G. (2011). Support of terminal cancer patient spiritual needs and associations with medical care costs at the end of life. Cancer, 117:5383-5391

Genetic Epidemiology

VanderWeele, T.J., Tchetgen Tchetgen E.J., Cornelis, M., and Kraft, P. (2014). Methodological challenges with Mendelian randomization analysis. Epidemiology, 25:427-435.

Joshi, A.D., Lindstrom, S., Husing, A., Barrdahl, M., VanderWeele, T.J. et al. on behalf of the Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium (BPC3). (2014). Additive interactions between GWAS-identified susceptibility SNPs and breast cancer risk factors in the BPC3. American Journal of Epidemiology, 180:1018-1027.

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Psychology and Psychiatric Epidemiology

Jackson, J.W., VanderWeele, T.J., Viswanathan, A., Blacker, D., and Schneeweiss, S. (2014). The explanatory role of incident stroke as a mediator of the mortality difference between older adults who initiate first vs. second generation antipsychotics. American Journal of Epidemiology, 180:847-852.

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Infectious Disease Epidemiology

VanderWeele, T.J. (2012). Assessing mechanistic interaction between coinfecting pathogens for diarrheal disease. American Journal of Epidemiology, 176:396-399.

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Other Health and Medicine

Wu, F., Jasmine, F., Kibriya, M.G., Liu, M., Cheng, X., Parvez, F., Islam, T., Ahmed, A., Rakibuz-Zaman, M., Jiang, J., Roy, S., Paul-Brutus, R., Slavkovich, V., Islam, T., Levy, D., VanderWeele, T.J., Pierce, B.L., Graziano, J.H., Ahsan, H.A., and Chen, Y., Interaction between arsenic exposure from drinking water and genetic susceptibility in cardiovascular disease risk in Bangladesh. Environemtnal Health Perspectives, in press.

Wang, P., Fang, M., Wang, X., and VanderWeele, T.J. Levels of satisfaction and factors influencing satisfaction for medical premarital examinations in Hubei Middle China. Asia Pacific Journal of Public Health, in press.

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