Chi-Man (Winnie) Yip

Adjunct Professor of International Health Policy and Economics

Other Affiliations

Professor of Health Policy and Economics
University of Oxford Blavatnik School School of Government


Dr. Yip’s major research interests include Her major research interests include:

  1. economic development and health/well being in developing countries;
  2. international health system assessment and designs and
  3. performance-based provider payment.

She teaches Econometrics for Health Policy and International Health Economics.

Dr. Yip directs an interdisciplinary study to examine the causal and dynamic relationships among social, cultural, psychological and economic determinants of health in rural China, using a longitudinal study design.

She organizes an interdisciplinary seminar series on economic development and health/well-being that bring together a core group of researchers from anthropology, economics, psychology and sociology to discuss theories, concepts, methodologies, data and empirical findings that different disciplines employ, and can be used to further our understanding of how economic growth affect people’s health and well-being.

She is the co-principle investigator of the Health Care System Study of Hong Kong. This project provides evidence-based assessment of the current health care system of Hong Kong and develops alternative health care financing/delivery options.

She is currently co-leading the Evaluation of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance System project to systematically assess the impact of Taiwan’s NHI on access to health care, health outcomes, public satisfaction and distribtuion of benefits. This project also examines performance-based provider payment methods in Taiwan. She has also evaluated China’s health reform initiatives, including the experiments in Zhenjiang and Jiujiang cities, and other community-based health schemes in rural regions.

She was a participating author of the World Bank’s publication, Issues and Options for China: Financing Health Care.

She has conducted econometric studies to ascertain the major determinants in patients’ choice of public and private providers in Egypt, Cyprus and Hong Kong.

In Thailand, she examines the impact of capitation payment on provider behavior, hospital internal management, and provider network building.


Ph.D., 1994, Massachusetts Institute of Technology