Despite the availability of internationally proven, safe, effective, and affordable best practices for mother and baby during pregnancy, childbirth and immediately after, few interventions reach the women most in need. This results in persistent yet avoidable deaths.

Frontline providers have few opportunities to receive pragmatic advice about ways to implement and scale-up best clinical practices for women and children in rural and low-resource settings; and even fewer to share their challenges and successes with peers.

The Women and Health Initiative, in collaboration with the University of Oxford, is developing BetterCareTogether – an innovative system that uses the latest and best of social media and technology to match providers looking for ways to strengthen certain healthcare practices to providers able to suggest practical solutions, therefore creating a global virtual network of connected providers.

BetterCareTogether will enable maternal and neonatal healthcare providers to learn from each other and effectively propagate best practices and self-improvement in an environment moderated by technical experts to ensure a high quality of clinical advice and action plans. BetterCareTogether will harness the most effective web-based and social media technology to connect frontline providers to each other, thus harnessing their collective local experiences to close the implementation gap. It will provide opportunities for continuing professional education as well as generate “south-to-south” collaboration among frontline health workers to address common barriers faced when delivering services in clinical settings with limited resources.