September 22, 2015
W&HI Seminar with Dr. Ana Langer
“Women and Health: The key to sustainable development”
12:30 – 1:20PM

October 13, 2015
W&HI Seminar with Dr. Manisha Yappa
“Impact of quality improvement interventions on HIV care during the antenatal period”
12:30 – 1:20PM

October 27, 2015
W&HI Seminar with Dr. Till Baernighausen
“Antenatal care in northern Nigeria”
12:30 – 1:20PM

November 3, 2015
W&HI Seminar with Kelsey Holt and Elizabeth Janiak
“Knowledge, attitudes, and practices about reproductive health care in the U.S. primary care work force”
12:30 – 1:20PM