HSPH Women and Health Collaborative

The Women and Health Initiative is conducting a thorough audit of ongoing research, training, and educational activities on topics covered by the W&HI within the Harvard community. This inventory will be used to facilitate content discovery; recognize opportunities for collaboration across schools, departments, and groups; identify knowledge and educational gaps; and build and refine the W&HI agenda. A second phase will expand the inventory to a review of external resources.

We encourage colleagues to submit new information and updates about their work related to the three areas of the Women and Health Initiative:

1) Women’s health needs throughout the life-cycle and their biological and social determinants;

2) Women’s roles, responsibilities and status in the health system; and

3) The connections between these two sides of the equation, in particular the current and potential contributions that women in the health system make to the advancement of the women’s health agenda.

In order to share your research and/or education activities so that they will be represented in our soon-to-be publicly available inventory, please submit your information using our online form.