Country: Bangladesh

Arsenic Exposure and Skin Diseases in Bangladesh

This project is an environmental molecular epidemiologic investigation of groundwater arsenic exposure, genetic polymorphisms and skin lesions in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has experienced an epidemic of arsenic intoxication because tube wells have been drilled into alluvial deposits high in naturally occurring…

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Social Networks and Adult Survival in Rural Bangladesh

This study uses newly collected, comprehensive data from rural Bangladesh to examine the impact and variation of social networks on adult and elderly survival. Specifically it examines the relationship of network characteristics to survival within distinct social and familial roles…

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Superfund Toxic Substances-Exposure and Disease

Our theme is the understanding and assessment of risk to human health from exposure to hazardous substances. Coming from an interdisciplinary perspective the study will integrate exposure assessment, biologic pathogenesis, and epidemiologic studies. The biomedical studies revolve around three classes…

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