An HIV Prevention Program for Mochudi, Botswana


Principal Investigator:
Myron Essex, Mary Woodard Lasker Professor of Health Sciences

Immunology+Infectious Diseases Prime


Dates of Research:
September 29, 2009 — August 31, 2012


The Specific Aims of this project are (1) to characterize the HIV epidemic in Mochudi by estimating incidence and prevalence of HIV and of behavioral risk factors at 3 time points over a 2½-year period; (2) to determine uptakes of voluntary counseling and testing, condom use, acceptability of partner notification with contact tracing, and male circumcision; (3) to identify transmission associations with genome signature tracing to evaluate associations between transmissions and high VL; (4) to estimate the rate of acceptance of HAART offered upon detection to HIV-infected individuals with acute infection and/or VL 100,000 who do not otherwise qualify for treatment based on national guidelines (AIDS-defining illness or CD4 < 250), and to assess adherence to drug schedules and rates of baseline and new drug resistance; and (5) to develop model-based projections and assessments of the potential for epidemic control, and to use these models to evaluate the cost effectiveness of combinations of preventive interventions.