Analysis of Supplementary Survey Data and Report on Impact Estimates of ACSD Project in Selected Districts of Benin, Ghana, Mali and Senegal

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Principal Investigator:
Allan Hill, Andelot Professor of Demography

Department of Global Health and Population

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2008 — September 30, 2008


The aim of the project is to document any impact of UNICEF’s Accelerated Child Survival and Development (ACSD)strategy in selected districts in Benin, Ghana, Mali and Senegal. The project will analyze existing survey data, pay site visits to project districts in the four countries, and produce an assessment of the impact of the ACSD interventions on child survival and child nutrition. The products will include: country-specific indicators, an overall report; commentary on the efficacy of the ACSD strategy; and at least one peer-reviewed article.