Andhra Pradesh Health Sector Reforms Programme


Principal Investigator:
Thomas Bossert, Lecturer

Health Systems Group

Dates of Research:
September 15, 2008 — May 31, 2010


Andhra Pradesh progress towards the health related Millennium Development Goals has been stagnant since 1992. Some 16 million of its 80 million population remain in poverty, and additional effort is require to address the “”off-track”” MDGs. Effective delivery of quality basic health services is hampered by both demand and supply issues, the latter included poor infrastructure and absenteeism in remote areas, poor financial management, and insufficient human resource capacity. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has embarked upon significant reforms of the health sector, and they have developed a health reform strategy that sets out its vision for the sector, and its commitment to ensure better services for the poor. An emphasis of the Health Strategy is to reduce infant and maternal mortality, communicable disease burden, under-nutrition and regional and social inequalities in health outcomes. Thomas Bossert on behalf of the International Health Systems Program within the Department of Population and International Health will help the program to improve the health status of the people, especially the poorest, of Andhra Pradesh and increase the quality of their health services.