Assessing the Psychological Impact of Landmines and Unexploded Ordnance

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Principal Investigator:
Jennifer Leaning, Professor of the Practice of International Health

Department of Global Health and Population/Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Dates of Research:
March 15, 2006 — March 14, 2007


The widespread use of landmines in conflict situations around the world and their continuing legacy for civilian populations in terms of injuries, amputations, disabilities and economic costs has been recognized as a major problem in the world today. However, the longer-term psychological consequences of living in areas with landmines have not been assessed at the family and community levels. This study outlines a pilot and feasibility study to examine how mines and UXO affect the long-term psychological well being of individuals, families and communities in areas of landmine-affected countries. This study seeks to evaluate how mine clearance and other mine action components affect a range of psychological and economic variables, taking a cost-benefit approach to the strategy of de-mining rural areas.