Assessment of Eritrea, Nigeria, and Benin Surveys to Establish Baseline Data and Use Information to Improve Programs


Principal Investigator:
Marcello Pagano

Department of Biostatistics

Dates of Research:
September 18, 2008 — June 30, 2009


At the request of the Nigeria government, the World Bank prepared a Booster project to benefit the populations at risk in seven of Nigeria’s 36 states, delivering a well-defined package of key malaria and maternal child health interventions. With World Bank support, a survey was conducted in 2006 in order to produce Booster Project baseline data for the overall project catchment area as well as the state-specific data needed to inform program management. However, the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) has limited capacity to support technical analysis of its Booster Project baseline data. This project provides the technical assistance that is required to support them in establishing proper monitoring and evaluation systems to manage their project for the next four years.