Botswana-Harvard AIDS Institute AIDS Care Training Program


Principal Investigator:
Richard Marlink, Professor of the Practice of Public Health

HSPH AIDS Initiatives

African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2001 — October 31, 2009


In 1996 the Government of Botswana and the Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Institute established a long-term partnership to fight the AIDS epidemic. As a result of this partnership, a five-year plan was drafted for the development and implementation of an AIDS care and prevention training program. In 2001, the Botswana Ministry of Health and the Harvard School of Public Health AIDS Institute partnered with the African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership (ACHAP) to create the KTISO AIDS Training program. The KITSO training program was developed with the following key elements: the training would be culturally specific, would draw upon the expert knowledge of AIDS care and prevention professionals domestically and worldwide, and would be a collaborative effort inclusive of all interested organizations working in the area of AIDS care and prevention in Botswana. The ultimate goal of the KTISO project is to develop a sustainable program that will become fully integrated into the Ministry of Health and other governmental entities.