Center for the Support of Peer Education in South Africa


Principal Investigator:
Charles Deutsch, Senior Research Scientist

Society, Human Development and Health

Association of Schools of Public Health, Inc.

Dates of Research:
October 1, 2006 — September 29, 2010


The Harvard School of Public Health’s Centre for the Support of Peer Education has been at the forefront of developing standards, materials, training, and technical assistance to improve the quality and sustainability of Peer Education as a strategy for preventing HIV infection and supporting children affected by HIV and AIDS. The Centre works in multiple sectors and settings with governmental and nongovernmental partners, through schools, clinics, faith-based organizations, sports programs, drop-in centres, tertiary institutions and workplaces in eight of nine South African’s provinces. The Centre is building a unique national system of rigorous Peer Education reaching learners, older adolescents, young adults, and adult audiences.