Children’s Hospital Center for Refugee Trauma


Principal Investigator:
Theresa Betancourt, Assistant Professor of Child Health and Human Rights

Francois Xavier Bagnoud

Dates of Research:
September 30, 2007 — September 29, 2009


The Investigator is assisting Children’s Hospital Boston in the development of a Treatment and Services Adaptation Center for the National Child Traumatic Stress Initiative focused on refugee children and families. The center’s primary role will be to help other Network Centers in the adaptation, evaluation and dissemination of effective interventions and services for children with refugee trauma. The primary goals of the project are to: Develop a ‘toolkit’ to help refugee resettlement agencies, schools, and other service systems better identify and understand the mental health needs of refugee youth; Develop evaluation methodologies and instruments appropriate to refugees; and Adapt Trauma Systems Therapy and the Refugee Family Preventative Intervention to be appropriate to a variety of communities/service settings through partnerships with community agencies around the country who are serving refugee youth.