China AIDS Medical Training Program


Principal Investigator:
Yichen Lu, Visiting Scientist

Immunology+Infectious Diseases Virology

Dates of Research:
September 1, 2004 — December 31, 2012


Harvard School of Public Health is continuing its efforts on an AIDS Medical Training Program in China. The program has already trained distinguished Chinese health administrators, physicians, specialists, and researchers and has identified areas where urgent help is needed. The program has now expanded to provide classroom training on HIV/AIDS prevention, diagnosis, care, treatment, and public health strategy for medical personnel and public health officials. The program will also target specific groups of trainees who have sought out help and who have significant influence either directly on patient treatment and care or indirectly, at the public health policy level. Also included in the program is the creation and support of an AIDS treatment network, a workshop for provincial CDC AIDS section chiefs, a workshop and study tour for provincial health commissioners, and support for Henan provincial AIDS treatment program.