Cost-Effectiveness of HAART for HIV and AIDS in Botswana


Principal Investigator:
Richard Marlink

Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases/HSPH AIDS Initiatives

Dates of Research:
March 1, 2003 — August 31, 2007


A particular sub-Saharan African country, Botswana, has experienced a disproportionate burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Botswana currently has the world’s highest reported prevalence rates with an estimated 37.4% (2003) of the overall population infected with HIV-1. While Anti-retroviral (ART) therapy has proven to be effective and cost-effective in high-income countries, there is debate regarding the efficiency and long-term sustainability of a large-scale treatment program in countries such as Botswana. This study seeks to conduct an evaluation of the costs and cost-effectiveness of ART in Botswana to inform policy decisions regarding the National ART Program, as well as to impact approaches to the delivery of ART in other countries in the region.