Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis to Improve Survival among HIV-Exposed Infants in Botswana


Principal Investigator:
Roger Shapiro, Associate Professor of Medicine


Immunology+Infectious Diseases Prime

Dates of Research:
September 17, 2010 — June 30, 2012


Many HIV-infected women in the developing world chose to formula feed to avoid mother-to child HIV transmission (MTCT) from breastfeeding, despite concerns for high infant mortality with replacement feeding. This study hypothesizes that in regions where formula feeding or early weaning from breast milk are common, the ideal balance for reducing both MTCT and mortality during infancy may be to modify the formula-based strategy to include a short period of breastfeeding with nevirapine (NVP) prophylaxis to prevent MTCT, followed by formula feeding and infant prophylaxis with cotrimoxazole (CTX) to reduce mortality.