Developing a Rights-Based Situation Analysis Tool for Child Health Planning and Programming in Countries


Principal Investigator:
Sofia Gruskin, Associate Professor of Health and Human Rights

Department of Global Health and Population/Program on International Health and Human Rights

Dates of Research:
December 1, 2006 — September 15, 2007


In order to strengthen ongoing rights-based planning and programming activities for child health and development, this study will conduct a desk review of child rights-based approaches, in particular to child health and development. The review will collect and analyze the work of institutions and organizations that self-consciously take a child rights-based approach to programming. A template that brings together the results from the review within a human rights and UN conference target framework will be produced. Together, the review and template will form the basis for a planned informal WHO consultation on child rights-based approaches towards child health. A rights-based situation analysis tool, based on the results of the desk review, template, and consultation will be developed. Following development of this tool, a pilot country will be selected for early application.