Dialogue for Increased and Improved Health and Education Investment in Guatemala (Investing in People: Healthier, Better Educated People)


Principal Investigator:
Thomas Bossert, Lecturer on International Health Policy

Department of Global Health and Population/ Health Systems Group

Academy for Educational Development

Dates of Research:
October 15, 2007 — September 30, 2009


The goal of this project is to increase the commitment of the Guatemalan government, local level governments, and civil society to increase investments in health and education and to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of public social sector expenditures in Guatemala. The International Health Systems Program within the Department of Population and International Health at HSPH will work with the Academy for Education on activities specifically related to achieving more efficient expenditures in the Ministry of Health and increased and more efficient decentralized investments in health.

Website: http://www.proyectodialogo.org/