Dioxins, Male Pubertal Development and Testis Function


Principal Investigator:
Russ Hauser, Professor of Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology

Department of Environmental Health and Department of Epidemiology

Environmental Protection Agency

Dates of Research:
February 4, 2002 — February 3, 2009


The objective of this research project is to determine whether exposure to dioxins, a byproduct of industrial processes and an environmental contaminant, is associated with altered growth and sexual maturation in boys. Specific objectives include exploring whether physical growth is delayed and stunted, whether sexual maturation is delayed, and whether reproductive hormones are altered. Dioxin levels will be measured in blood samples drawn from the boys and their mothers. Yearly physical exams will be performed to assess growth velocity and onset and tempo of sexual maturation.

Website: http://cfpub.epa.gov/si/si_public_record_Report.cfm?dirEntryID=54407