Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Expansion – Liben District, Ethiopia


Principal Investigator:
Michael VanRooyen, Associate Professor of Medicine

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Oxfam America

Dates of Research:
January 17, 2009 — January 17, 2010


The Harvard Humanitiarian Initiative (HHI) will work through Oxgam America’s local partner Gayo Pastoralist Developmet Initiative (GPDI), to extend the implementation of a Drought Early Warning System (DEWS), into th eLiben District of Ethiopia.The purpose of the project is to: Identify early community changes that indicate impending drought by the systematic measure of local pastoralist women’s knowledge and perception of change; Generate targeted health and livelihood outcome trends that enable OA and GDPI to target resources and support for the affected communities and thus responsibly mitigate impending disaster and/or provide a more timely emergency response; and Build an information and communication capacity that brings local, regional, and international stake holders together and establishes beneficiaries as major contributors in their development.

Website: http://www.oxfamamerica.org/multimedia/slideshows/drought-early-warning-in-ethiopia