DRU: Energy, Air Pollution, and Health Inequalities in Accra, Ghana: Understanding the Technological, Social, and Behavioral Determinants


Principal Investigator:
Majid Ezzati, Associate Professor of International Health

HIGH Population Hlth Metrics+Priority Setting

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2006 — June 30, 2010


Improvements in the average health of a population with socioeconomic development and technological innovation may be accompanied by stagnation or even worsening of the health status of marginalized groups, and increase health inequalities. The aim of this research is to provide, through community-based research in Accra, a theoretical framework and empirical assessment of household and community level determinants of health inequalities in growing urban areas, as mediated through environmental technologies and risks. This research will advance our understanding of urbanization, technological change and health inequalities in a number of important ways.