Evaluation of Peer-led Groups for OVCs in South Africa


Principal Investigator:
Charles Deutsch, Senior Research Scientist

Society, Human Development and Health


Dates of Research:
October 1, 2007 — August 10, 2009


The goal of this study is to evaluate the impact of a structure, time-limited, curriculum-based socio-economical support group for South African orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), ages 10-13 years old, to be conducted by teams of trained and supervised peer educators, ages 16-19 years old. The evaluation seeks to assess: 1) The feasibility of training and supporting South African community-based programs to deliver a peer-led group intervention for OVCs; 2) The impact of the program on participants’ knowledge, attitudes and intentions, skills and behaviors; 3) The impact of the program on the peer educators; 4) The strengths and weaknesses of the intervention components; 5) Burdens and benefits for implementing programs; and 6) The program’s potential in other sites such as faith-based settings and schools.

Website: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/peereducation/