Executive Training Program for Senior Health Leaders of China


Principal Investigator:
Yuanli Liu

Department of Global Health and Population

Medtronic Foundation

Dates of Research:
January 31, 2006 — January 30, 2008


The China Senior Health Executive Education Program is an integral component of the China Initiative. The major objective of the program is to help China produce a critical mass of well-informed, open-minded, and highly responsible leaders and executives at the national and provincial levels who can effectively develop and implement sound policies while dealing with local issues. Given the public health challenges that have accompanied China’s rapid economic development, there is an urgent need for such progressive and resourceful leaders. The four-week program starts in Beijing for a week-long training in the fundamental theories of economics and public policy at the Tsinghua University School of Public Policy and Management. The students then spend three weeks at the Harvard School of Public Health where they learn about tools for policy analysis, leadership in theory and practice, regulating and managing the health sector and special healthcare organizations, and international experiences in health system reforms. The students will finally work in groups on reforms for China’s health sector. These reforms are formally documented and submitted to the Chinese Ministry of Health.

Website: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/china-initiative/education-programs/china-senior-health-executive-training-program/index.html