Five-Year Program for the Monitoring and Assessment of the Environmental Consequences of the Iraqi Aggression in Kuwait

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Principal Investigator:
John Evans, Senior Lecturer on Environmental Science

Christiani, Dockery, Gray, Hammitt, Koutrakis

Department of Environmental Health/ Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Public Authority for Assessment of Compensation, Government of Kuwait

Dates of Research:
June 1, 2002 — April 30, 2008


The Iraqi invasion and occupation of Kuwait had the potential to result in significant impacts to public health. This project seeks to monitor and assess the long-term adverse health impacts among the Kuwait population resulting from the Iraqi invasion and occupation. The major thrust of this public health project is long-term surveillance and epidemiology intended to identify the public health consequences of the invasion. These efforts are intended to ensure that: a) appropriate medical monitoring and treatment of the affected population can be put in place; and b) supplemental compensation claims for the cost of any public health impacts can be developed.