GAVI Evaluation of Immunization Coverage Monitoring Methodology and Process


Principal Investigator:
Marcello Pagano

Department of Biostatistics

Dates of Research:
January 2, 2008 — June 30, 2009


GAVI, or the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, is evaluating the current data on immunization coverage. Immunization coverage is a key health sector indicator for monitoring health system performance and progress towards reaching international development targets. The World Health Organization and UNICEF conduct annual data collection and review exercises of national immunization coverage in many countries. The GAVI Data Quality Audit and the Data Quality Self-Assessment tools have been developed to evaluate the accuracy of the reporting. A recent study however found that the administrative coverage data are unreliable. GAVI and other partners created a review to examine the different methodologies to monitor immunization levels and to identify potential threats to data quality and reliability. This project involves the second step in the analysis. This step will employ a probability analysis to assess the immunization coverage of children (or an individual child) without immunization records.