GWAS on Determinants of HIV-1 Subtype C Infection


Principal Investigator:
Myron Essex, Mary Woodard Lasker Professor of Health Sciences

Baca, Cai, Gaseitsiwe, Margolin, Musonda, Novitsky

Immunology+Infectious Diseases Prime

Dates of Research:
September 30, 2010 — September 29, 2013


The broad goals of the project are to identify determinants of susceptibility and resistance to infection by HIV-1 subtype C and of disease progression among people severely affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in southern Africa, and to reduce the burden of HIV1-C infection by identifying host targets for developing new intervention and prevention strategies. Despite the worldwide predominance of HIV-1 subtype C (HIV-1C), most genome wide association studies (GWAS) have been conducted primarily on males of European ancestry infected by HIV-1 subtype B. The burden of HIV is greatest in southern Africa where the HIV-1C epidemic has infected 16% of adults of whom >60% are women, and the dominant mode of viral transmission is heterosexual. The proposed study represents the first GWAS for HIV-1C acquisition and control of viral replication, the first GWAS in the southern African population, and the first GWAS using the new 2.5 Illumina chip.