HPCR Core Support: Humanitarian Law, Security, Protection


Principal Investigator:
Claude Bruderlein, Lecturer on International Health

Department of Global Health and Population/ Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

Dates of Research:
July 1, 2007 — June 30, 2008


Thanks to the support of the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) as well as the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR) program has been able to conduct multiple operations in the field of humanitarian law and action, both in Sweden and abroad. This project will establish a core partnership between SIDA and HPCR. The key goals of this partnership are: continuation and transformation of the ATHA Program into a newly designed global training on humanitarian law and policy; facilitation the elaboration of a common research agenda on impact evaluation and policy transformation, along the third cycle objectives of the Program; promotion of greater cooperation and support in the development of strategies in terms of humanitarian policy and conflict management in sensitive regions such as the Middle East and East Africa.

Website: http://www.hpcr.org/index.html