Human Rights Based Approaches to Programming: … Reproductive Rights of Women and Adolescent Girls


Principal Investigator:
Sofia Gruskin

Program on International Health and Human Rights

Dates of Research:
January 1, 2008 — December 31, 2008


The purpose of this project is to continue PIHHR and UNFPA’s collaboration in creating an implementation manual and training materials on a human rights-based approach to programming. The ultimate aim is to develop the capacity of UNFPA staff and partners to help national partners implement a human rights-based approach in all of their policy and program work, and thus to ensure the implementation of programs that promote the reproductive rights of women and girls and further the empowerment of women. The specific objectives of PIHHR’s work are to: improve the capacity of UNFPA staff and partners to adopt a culturally sensitive, gender-responsive, human rights based approach to programming; provide practical tools for use by UNFPA staff and partners in supporting national partners in designing and implementing a human rights-based approach; illustrate the benefits of using a human rights-based approach, while clarifying its limitations.