Informatics Training for Public Health in Tanzania


Principal Investigator:
Wafaie Fawzi, Professor


Dates of Research:
June 1, 2004 — May 31, 2010


This program will develop a program to train future leaders in health informatics; such training can help improve public health by developing a cadre of professionals who are able to independently lead research and service programs. Public health professionals will obtain skills in theoretical and practical aspects pertaining to epidemiology, biostatistics, data management and public health surveillance. Training will be applied to three substantive areas that are identified as priorities in Tanzania, namely infectious diseases, perinatal and child conditions, and non-communicable diseases. Training will be provided in Boston through a combination of degree programs (Master’s and Doctoral) and non-degree postdoctoral fellowships, with the aim of developing trainers to be based at Muhimibi University in Tanzania. We will also carry out in-country intensive short courses to provide skills in these areas to a larger number of individuals in the public health community.