Integrated Management of Lung Disease in China


Principal Investigator:
Majid Ezzati

Department of Global Health and Population

Dates of Research:
April 1, 2006 — December 31, 2007


This project examines the preventative measures of therapeutic interventions for the three leading infectious and chronic respiratory diseases in China; lung cancer, COPD, and tuberculosis, while measuring the decrease in deaths as a result of these interventions and their combinations. The preventative interventions address smoking and indoor air pollution, and the therapeutic interventions will consider the expansion of DOTS (Directly Observed Treatment, Short-course) for tuberculosis. The evaluation of these interventions will be quantified and analyzed along with a qualitative analysis of the economics and infrastructure that also influence the intervention programs. These results can be used to guide systematic and evidence-based choice of interventions for integrated management of lung disease in China.