Investigating the Public Health Aspects of Sex Trafficking Within Cambodia and Thailand


Principal Investigator:
Jay Silverman

Division of Public Health Practice

Dates of Research:
August 1, 2008 — August 1, 2010


This project addresses the public health aspects of sex trafficking of women and girls to and within the countries of Cambodia and Thailand, including awareness of sex trafficking in Cambodia and aspects of male client demand for prostituted women and girls. Information is collected from major NGOs with long-term experience in the area and their significant documentations of large numbers of victims. The investigative team visits each NGO to collect and review trafficking and medical documentation. The information is kept completely anonymous while a team of physicians and public health officials analyze data including medical conditions. In depth and semi-structured anonymous interviews with victims of sex trafficking illustrate the way in which trafficking and brothel experience compromise health. Conversely, the project includes a qualitative investigation of male client demand for prostituted women and girls who are seeking services at STI clinics and VCT centers across Cambodia and Thailand.