Molecular Epidemiology of Esophageal Cancer Prognosis


Principal Investigator:
Geoffrey Liu, Visiting Scientist

Environmental+Occupational Medicine+Epi

Dates of Research:
June 1, 2006 — April 30, 2011


A study of esophageal cancers seeks to investigate further data that suggest that certain genetic polymorphisms in key pathways may affect survival or prognosis in esophageal and other cancers. Currently, relatively uniform treatment in regimens is applied to all patients. A better understanding of the association between gemline polymorphisms and prognosis may lead to better treatment strategies and improved outcomes. The overarching aim is to evaluate the roles of genetic polymorphisms in various pathways and their association with esophageal cancer outcomes. The study builds upon an already established study group of patients, an extensive pre-treatment tissue bank, and a comprehensive set of preliminary and feasibility results. This study also addresses directly a prioritized research area identified by the NCI Stomach and Esophageal Cancers Progress Review Group.