Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Rights Issues in the HIV Response


Principal Investigator:
Sofia Gruskin, Associate Professor of Health and Human Rights

Department of Global Health and Population/Program on International Health and Human Rights

Dates of Research:
November 1, 2007 — July 15, 2008


The program on International Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health (PIHHR) has been collaborating with UNAIDS’ Evaluation Department (UNAIDS) on various projects on monitoring and evaluation of human rights issues in the HIV response. The overall aim of this project is to improve national-level HIV reporting in relation to human rights questions and concerns. This will include assisting with the revision of the National Composite Policy Index (NCPI), analyzing country responses to the 2008 reporting on monitoring the Declaration of Commitment, and carrying out three case studies to assess, from a human rights perspective, the quality and implementation of HIV policies and programs.