Novel Exposure Scenarios to Define the Health Effects of Particle Sources


Principal Investigator:
Petros Koutrakis, Professor of Environmental Sciences

EH-Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Environmental Protection Agency

Dates of Research:
October 1, 2005 — September 30, 2011


This study will undertake a double-blind, randomized block study with controlled human exposures to fine, ultrafine and coarse CAPs, using a particle-free air exposure as a control. Each of the 50 healthy adults will receive 4 exposures in random order and separated by at least two weeks. Cardiovascular outcomes will be measured with both pre- and post-exposure (immediately and 24 hours after) and will include measures of: brachial artery diameter, flow-mediated dilatation and nitroglycerin-mediated dilation, stroke volume and cardiac output, blood pressure, and venous blood CBCs, IL6, CRP, and endothelins.