Novel Regulators of Bone Formation


Principal Investigator:
Laurie Glimcher, Irene Heinz Given Professor of Immunology

Immunology+Infectious Diseases Immunology

Dates of Research:
September 30, 2008 — June 30, 2012


Osteoporosis afflicts an estimated 10 million Americans over age 50 with 34 million Americans at risk and coupled with the aging of the American population leads to the predication that the rate of osteoporosis related fractures may triple by the year 2020 unless we seek to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of bone disease. Little is known about the regulation of postnatal bone formation. However, we have recently identified a novel pathway consisting of adapter proteins that control adult bone formation. These new proteins offer exciting targets for the development of anabolics that act at the level of the osteoblast to increase bone mass. This study will pursue the discovery of these proteins as an essential regulator of bone formation.