Phase I Trial in the Eastern Province of Rwanda


Principal Investigator:
Theresa Betancourt, Assistant Professor of Child Health and Human Rights

Department of Global Health and Population/ Francois Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights

Dates of Research:
September 1, 2007 — December 31, 2008


This study involves laying the groundwork for cross-cultural mental health assessment in children and families affected by the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide. In particular, this intervention will target children affected both by the genocide and the subsequent AIDS epidemic in the country. The research will build upon the Investigator’s experience developing mental health assessments and testing the effectiveness of mental health interventions in low resource settings with war affected children in neighboring Uganda. This research will also build on an important collaboration with the organization Partners in Health Rwanda, which is poised to integrate the results of research immediately into improving services for children and families. This project represents a rare opportunity to contribute to the policy and programmatic response for children and families affected by the dual adversities of the genocide and the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Rwanda.