Prevention and Control of the HIV Epidemic in Botswana: Surveillance, Modeling and Implementation of Interventions


Principal Investigator:
Myron Essex, Mary Woodard Lasker Professor of Health Sciences

Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases

African Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Partnership

Dates of Research:
February 1, 2008 — July 31, 2008


This conference will gather key stakeholders in HIV-surveillance to examine new surveillance methods, with an emphasis on incidence, acute infection, drug resistant variants, new lab techniques, and modeling for intervention studies. The conference will review current surveillance practices in Botswana, then analyze methods to improve and expand surveillance programs. With an exchange of ideas between various parties involved in gathering and utilizing surveillance data, the goal of the conference will be to create recommendations about what is both possible and cost-effective in the next generation of HIV surveillance in southern Africa. Recommendations from this conference are expected to influence future national surveillance efforts in Botswana and other southern African countries, as well organizations such as the WHO and UNAIDS.