Prophylactic Vaccines for Schistosomiasis


Principal Investigator:
Donald Harn, Professor of Tropical Public Health

Immunology+Infectious Diseases 050

Dates of Research:
April 1, 2007 — April 15, 2009


Schistosomiasis Japonicum remains a serious disease of man and livestock in China. Water buffalo account for approximately 80% of the transmission of Schistosomiasis in many endemic areas. This study will assess the impact of human and buffalo infection and prevalence rates after vaccinating water buffalo with a prophylactic vaccine to induce protective immunity against S. Japonicum. The indicators of the effect of the vaccine will examine the generation of specific IgG antibodies in the vaccinated buffalo, changes in the prevalence and infection intensity in buffalo and village children, reduction in the density of infected snails, and changes in the infectivity of water.