Protection of Women’s Human Rights in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Principal Investigator:
Michael VanRooyen

Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Open Society Institute

Dates of Research:
August 1, 2008 — July 31, 2009


This project determines the current and potentially useful tactics and strategies for early anticipation, prevention, and mitigation to protect women’s rights in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. These tactics are to be deployed at levels of the individual, the community, as well as international agencies and organizations. One of these activities is the analysis of circumstantial and population parameters that create vulnerabilities at these levels. The project will also include the review and assessment of known strategies for long-term recovery for affected individuals, communities, and societies. Using focus groups the project assesses the needs of survivors relating to their health and livelihoods. Also included, are capacity-building initiatives with grassroots organizations that are based in eastern DRC.